July 6, 2022

This past February, Trinidad Cardona was delivering food out of his 1993 Nissan Sentra. “It had a zero star safety rating — I was like, ‘This is a death trap, low key,'” says Cardona. The Arizona native who was formerly signed to Island Records, was making ends meet by picking up “sketchy” odd jobs from Craigslist while remaining hopeful about his music career.

At the time, Cardona had no manager, no press agent, no label, no team. He had achieved viral status once before before with his song “Jennifer,” that landed him an initial deal with Island — “then things died down for a long time,” he says. His deal came to an end and nothing seemed to take off following the success of “Jennifer.”

Despite the lull, Cardona persevered. “I literally wrote down on a vision board four months ago, I’m going to get viral on TikTok,” he recalls. “Don’t know how, don’t know what. And boom, manifestations.”

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