October 5, 2022

From the Gbaraspoken music team.

Welcome to the official Gbaraspoken music website. It is nice to finally interact with you all on a more personalized platform. This is a milestone in the career of Gbarspoken as an artist and also for the local music scene. All this  has only been possible through your endless support that we appreciate to depth.

Therefore on this platform, we hope to interact with you all on a more individual level as a Gbaraspoken music fan; Here you will be able to access all Gbaraspoken new music, visuals, news, merchandize and all components affiliated to the brand. However, you should note that as a strategy for sustaining and maintaining the website, the team behind Gbaraspoken music will be charging a little fee of 1000ugshs per each audio copy. This is as a courtesy to keep the site up and running.

One can also choose to donate more to Gbaraspoken music as a cause to the empowerment of  our vision of ‘Rap inspiring generations’ at ‘Nukuta Nzeza’. Most importantly this platform should be an interface for interaction with all ‘Gbaraholics’ world wide. Like how did you get to know about Gbaraspoken music? What unique feature has kept you a fan of Gbaraspoken music? Let us keep the conversations flowing from right here at gbaraspoken.com.  

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