October 5, 2022
Uganda Hip Hop Artist Gbaraspoken Emcee

“According to a study conducted by the Oxford African American Studies Center, hip hop is part of and speaks to a long line of black American and African traditions.”

Gbaraspoken Emcee is an award winning Performing & Recording Hip Hop Indegenous Emcee/Rapper, Musician, African Story Teller, Record producer and Poet who hails from Arua City, in the West Nile region of Uganda.

Born Milton Maopini McPeter, Gbaraspoken Emcee came to the lime light after taking West Nile/Uganda Hip Hop/Music by storm when he released his debut song Aparaka Yo in the year 2015.
The young Rapper, formally known by his fans as Jigah, Hush Jean and finally Jigah Trickz before adopting the Gbaraspoken Emcee stage name, would release his first hit single and Album Aparaka Yo in the same year.

Soon, he was crowned West Nile Hip Hop Artist of the Year, Northern Uganda Hip Hop Artist of the Year and would dominate several awards nominations in the Hip Hop and Northern Uganda categories.

In 2020, Gbaraspoken Emcee was recognized and ranked by The Tribe UG, a leading Ugandan website that promotes Hip Hop and urban culture in the country on the 39th position on the website’s Top 50 Ugandan Greatest Hip Hop Artists of All Times list.


“Many observers also make a connection between rap and West African griot tradition, the art of wandering storytellers known for their knowledge of local settings and their superior vocal skills.”

Oxford African American Studies Center

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