Suru Ma Ndere

Song: Suru Ma Ndere
Artist: Gbaraspoken Emcee
Album: Oyakuya (Earthquake)
Production Studio: Hustlers Dream INC, Kampala
Producers: Nasti Jay & Gbaraspoken Emcee
Record Label: Nukuta Nzeza
Sound Management/Executive Production: Slum Drum Music
Copyright: Platform 503
Year: 2021

SURU MA NDERE is the first song and single that Gbaraspoken Emcee and his Nukuta Nzeza Label dropped off the award winning Ugandan Hip Hop Artist’s 2021 ‘Oyakuya (Earthquake)’ album.

The song is inspired by true African cultural, traditional events and sounds surrounding the Lugbara people and values, where meat has to be part of social gatherings, involvement of different instruments like horns, drums, ankles, shakeshakes or ‘koyo’ in Lugbarati, inclusivity of all different categories of people in one dance, chanting of different voices and sounds, formation of unique patterns and formations that together end with women and men pulling different styles at different intervals and uniting voices and moves artistically.

Uganda is the ‘Pearl of Africa’ and constitutes of different cultural identities making the country one of East Africa’s leading tourism sites. Among them are the Lugbara, a people who live majorly in the West Nile region of Uganda, where Gbaraspoken Emcee himself hails from, also the language of delivery the rapper mixes here with English in his signature Nukuta Nzeza genre and style. The Lugbara live largely in the West Nile region of Uganda while also representing larger communities in Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.

The title of the song ‘Suru Ma Ndere’ is derived from three words in Lugbarati; ‘Suru’ and ‘Ndere’ with ‘Suru’ as an artistic depiction of a clan, tribe or nation, ‘Ndere’ refering to the name of a Lugbara cultural dance accompaniment and regalia, that is normally carried by hand or hung on to the waist, by men during cultural dances and at events, as a source of authority, responsibility or to express manhood in social events. The ‘Ndere’ is usually crafted out of wood and the tail of a bull or cow; after the fat tail is carefully selected by a craftsman. Once the tail is cut off, an already modelled straight piece of wood is then inserted through the soft opening (after the tail bones are removed) and completed desirably.

‘Suru Ma Ndere’ literally symbolises a flag bearer; of a tribe, nation or clan, a figure, item like the way Gbaraspoken uses ‘ndere’ in this song, or any value that is acceptable of the people, especially celebrating culture together and I’m harmony with others.

The song defines in afro dance, trap and rap style, the typical West Nile sound of Ugandan music.

The musician known for his indigenous belnd of Hip Hop in his mother tongue and English is always delivering musical sensations to fans and followers an quite likes challenging them. He goes on to ask one question; ‘who shall raise and carry the flag? It is a rhetorical question of course and left to the listener and devourers of the song and it’s message as he elaborates more on what makes the dance enjoyable and addictive while being reaffirmed in the background by a choir asking another question, ‘…ama a’duko?’ translated literally as ‘who are we?’ or a question demanding the listener to go reflecting while being lost in to the African sounds blended on this song authentically.

Next, there is a lady who dares the gentleman in the song for a dance and Gbaraspoken Emcee tells his listener that the dance will have to move on regardless of what styles the lady asked for.

The production of the song is a Nukuta Nzeza, Slum Drum Music production collaboration with Nasti Jay, one of the Ugandan, West Nile born Kakwa Hip Hop rappers, who also doubles as a producer at Hustlers Dream INC Uganda/South Sudan.

Enjoy the feeling of the African sounds on this song off Gbaraspoken Emcee’s 2021 ‘Oyakuya (Earthquake)’ Album.



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