Who Ni Nani


Song: Who Ni Nani
Artist: Gbaraspoken Emcee
Album: Oyakuya (Earthquake)
Producer: PAPA Paps
Production Studio: Arufu Records UG
Record Label: Nukuta Nzeza
Sound Production Management: Slum Drum Music
Copyright: Gbaraspoken Music/Platform 503
Year: 2021

‘Who Ni Nani’ by Gbaraspoken Emcee is the first song that the Ugandan Award Winning Hip Hop Artist and his Nukuta Nzeza label released off his 2021 Oyakuya (Earthquake) Album, a response to ‘Who Is Who’ a song by Fefe Busi, a Ugandan award winning Luga Flow Hip Hop Rapper in the year 2018.

Recorded at Arufu Records Uganda, by PAPA Paps, under Gbaraspoken Emcee’s Nukuta Nzeza Record Label and sound management by Slum Drum Music, the Emcee’s Sound Label, in Arua City.

Soon as the song was released on airwaves and online, ‘Who Ni Nani’ by Gbaraspoken Emcee, straight away started enjoying huge airplays and has since then maintained it’s top flight position in terms of the reception, love and support from fans, across West Nile, Northern region and Uganda Hip Hop in general, because of its powerful lyricism, flowing right from the start of the song straight to it’s end.

‘Who Ni Nani’ presents Gbaraspoken Emcee spitting flowlessly on the ‘Hate me now’ beat by Nas, like he owns it, addressing rappers, delivering hard bars and rhymes, hooking his listeners to every second and bit of the song and at the end leaving them convinced that he is the King of Ugandan Hip Hop.

Gbaraspoken Emcee is known for his poetic artistry and justice, that has played a major role on ‘Who ni nani,’ as the Emcee unearths what he is known for, spelling out clearly what a microphone joker is, using very interesting metaphors, similes and a description similar to that of a dummy.

Who Ni Nani has enjoyed huge airplays across West Nile and Northern Uganda and among fans, joins the list of their favorite responses to Fefe Busi’s ‘Who Is Who’ added to other responses by West Nile and Northern Uganda Rappers like Judas Rap Knowledge, Rappa Blutit among others.




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